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About me

Currently Elīna Egle is leading a company ''Baltic Id'' inviting entrepreneurs to benefit from unique social and economical development in the Baltic sea region and to communicate the values in the one voice in all three Baltic countries.

Elīna Egle supports US born early childhood development francise of ''FasTracKids International'' in Latvia. ''FasTracKids Latvia'' enables children and families with opportunities to develop the main competences for the 21st century in both public and private pre-schools of Latvia.

Elīna is Co-Founder and Chairwoman of the Board at Federation of Security and Defence Industries of Latvia (FSDI Latvia), Co-Founder and Chairwoman of the Council at Business Union of Latvia, Co-Founder of Platform of Corporate Social Responsibility of Latvia (CSR Latvia).

E.Egle worked as Adviser to State President on Economics, Entrepreneurship and Employment in Chancery of the State President of Latvia. Main activities and responsibilities were development of proposals and opinions for State President and Chancery of the President of Latvia on economical, entrepreneurial and employment issues, covering areas of strategic development, public governance, social, fiscal and economical policy, education and science, regional development. Ensuring cooperation with public authorities, scientific and educational institutions, non-governmental and private sector in the areas of competence. Establishment and supervision of State President’s Strategic Development Committee and sub-committees, creation and leadership of High Level Group for Investment Attraction.

International experience has been gained starting the work as Senior Specialist, Employers’ Activities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia of International Labour Organisation, United Nations. During the period she was consulting employers’ organizations; development of training programs; supporting ILO activities; preparing Annual Plan 2012-2014 for employers’ organizations; supporting current projects of the office.

As General Director of Employers Confederation of  Latvia she was Member of Executive Committee, (Substitute Member of Governing Board since 2011) of International Organization of Employers (IOE), 05/2004 – 08/2011, Geneva. During 11/2006 – 08/2011 Member of Executive Committee, Business and Industry Advisory Committee to OECD, Paris, during 05/2004 – 08/2011 Member  of Executive Committee  of European Business Confederation (BusinessEurope), Brussels, but during 05/2006 –  05/2010 Substitute Member of European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels.

During May 2004 – August 2011 Elīna Egle was General Director of Employers Confederation of  Latvia. Main activities and responsibilities were representation of social and economical interests of employers of Latvia. Negotiations with parliament, government and trade unions in the framework of social dialogue. She was managing human resources in accordance with corporate strategy and quality policy. Leading employees and self employed experts starting from 5 up to 40 people (2004-2011) including 8 regional and 2 international offices in Brussels and Moscow.

Accountability and increase of an annual budget raised 10 times during her work. She deled with project management by implementing national programs on capacity building of social partners, social dialogue, employment and VAT, labour affairs and safety at work co-financed by the state and European Social Funds, participating in other international projects (Baltic Sea Labour Network, Social Dialogue in Caucasus and other European Social Fund, Phare and Twinning projects).

Achievements were:
2011 Recognition of Ministry of Economy for Contribution to Create Sustainable Social Dialogue and Development of Economy of Latvia
2011 Gratitude of Employers’ Confederation of Latvia for Contribution to Growth and Sustainability of Latvia
2011 Gratitude of Hay Group for Investment in Operations in Latvia
2010 The Cross of Recognition of Republic of Latvia, appointed an Officer for Contributions for the Benefit of the Republic of Latvia
2010 Recognition of Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Significant Contribution to the Strengthening of the Republic of Latvia
2008 Appreciation of Ministry of Welfare for Long-term and Successful Cooperation
2007 Gratitude of Ministry of Education and Science for an investment for the Social Dialogue Promotion of the National Programme Project ‘’Development of Unitary Methodology for the Promotion of the Quality of Vocational Education and the Involvement and Education of Social Partners’’
2006 Acknowledgement of Business High School Turība for Investment in the School’s Development

Remarkable corporate experience is gained while working in A/S Aldaris (currently a part of Carlsberg Group) in 1996-2004. Occupational field was Public Relations and Corporate Communications: managing media relations (interviews, press conferences etc.) and shareholder relations (Council, Board and Annual Shareholders’ Meetings); Leading projects of general sponsorship and award to Latvian National Opera etc.; Communicating with integrated marketing principals preparing publicity of beer and soft drinks. She was planning, managing, administration and implementation of campaigns and sponsoring activities; NGO relations: organizing and supporting events for Latvian Employers’ Confederation (social dialogue with government and trade unions) and Latvian Chamber of Commerce and industry (international trade), Brewers’ Association of Latvia, Quality Association of Latvia, Packaging Association of Latvia etc. She has experience on quality management: implementing PR and management function in accordance with integrated quality management system based on EFQM model and international quality standards: ISO 9001:2000; ISO 140001; OHSAS 18001 and HACCAP. Achievements in corporate area are  launches and production of PepsiCo. Int. (USA), as well as Guinness/Kilkenny (UK), Carlsberg (Denmark), Baltika (Russia) trademarks.

In 2004 she received Appreciation of  Latvian Association of Public Relations Professionals and Latvian Public Relations Company Association for the ‘’Aldaris International Opera Award Campaign on the 1st Annual Award of Public Relations of Latvia , but in 2003 Certificate of Recognition of International Public Relations Association for the contribution to excellence in Public Relations practice.
2001 was remarkable with Gratitude of Riga City Council for support organizing
Riga 800 Anniversary. 

Her educational background is built with PhD studies and academic work on Public Administration and Policy Analysis in Department of  Political Science, M.A. of Social Sciences of Political Science on European Public Administration and European Studies and B.A. of Political Science in University of Latvia. One year she studied sociology in University of Latvia. Secondary education gained in Nordic Grammar School.

Social Activities and Positions of Trust:      
2019 and now Friend of World Nature Fund of Latvia
2013 and now Co-Founder, Chairwoman of the Board, Federation of Security and Defence Industries of Latvia
2013 and now Co-Founder and Ambassador of Responsible Business of Platform of Corporate Social Responsibility of Latvia, CSR Latvia
2012 and now Co-Founder and Chairwoman of the Council of Business Union of Latvia previous Forum of Small and Medium Enterprises of Latvia
2011 and now Godmother of Latvian Naval Forces of Latvian Armed Forces
2008 - 2011  Member of State President’s Commission of Strategic Analysis
2007 - 2011  Member of Advisory Convent of Jāzepa Vītola Music Academy of Latvia
2006 2019 Member of Advisory Convent of Business Highschool Turība
2003 - 2004 Member of the Board of Latvian Soft Drinks’ Association
2003 - 2004 Member of Consulting Council of Global Compact of UN in  Latvia
2006 - Member of Latvian Political Science’s Association
2001 - 2006 Member of Latvian Association for Public Relations’ Professionals

Cooperation opportunities
  • Taking into account long term expirience and knowledge in the areas of: 
  • managament of an organisation,
  • corporate communications and public relations,
  • advocacy and social dialogue with decision makers,
  • as well as project development and implementation on national and European level,
I would be glad to cooperate:
  1. empowering public policy and processes in economics affecting development of the company,
  2. exploring and executing strategic development plans;
  3. enabling bonding corporate communication with stakeholders;
  4. expanding international business cooperation and trade.

E-mail: info(att)elinaegle.lv